The HTML5 Robot

Let the robot chose a tag for you

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The HTML5 Robot

Let the robot choose what semantic tag is right for your HTML5 element

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Is your element a major navigation block?

A menu, submenu, navigation bar...


Use <nav> for any element that represents the navigation within the page and the site: menu or navbar.

Is this a complete piece of content?

Does this content make sense on its own? Can it be extracted and shown alone in a page, for reference? Would it make sense to syndicate it in a RSS feed?


Article can be a complete news story, but also a forum post, comment, or sidebar widget. It needs a unique heading.

Is it required to understand the current content?

Is it an accessory? I.e., could it be removed without making the page impossible to understand?


Anything on a sidebar, the comments, footnotes, glossary, advertisement, should get the <aside> tag.

Could you move it to an appendix?

Can it be listed as a reference, aside from the document itself?


An image, an ensemble of image, a graphic... comes with a <figcaption> element for the legend.

Is there a title for your block?

Is it logical that your block should begin with a title?


If it has a title but is not an <article>, then it should be a <section>. There can be multiple <section> tags in an <article>.

Is it semantic?

Does it represent something? Then chose Yes.
Or is it just for CSS hooks and layout? Then chose No.


Probably a paragraph. Or another appropriate element such as <address>, <blockquote>, <pre>...


Stands for "division of page".
The default block in the flow, which doesn’t have any particular meaning.